After calling Texas home for most of her life, Kris Clink relocated to Kansas, where she and her husband have filled their empty nest with two spoiled-rotten pups and the gaggle of geese Kris attempts to tame from her deck. Kris’s debut, Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy, was the first in the Enchanted Rock Series of stand-alone novels set along the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail. Sissie Klein is Completely Normal is the second in the series, and another is coming soon. Kris’s novels are set in middle America where front porches offer the best views, books are treasured, and there’s always room for another chair at dinner. In addition to writing, she hosts Kris Clink’s Writing Table, a podcast for book people. Jennifer Weiner, Kristan Higgins, Laura Lippman, Lemony Snicket, Carly Watters, Elle Cosimano are just a few of the authors and publishing experts who have appeared on the show. You can visit Kris online, here or by tracking her down on Instagram at @krisclinkbooks. Her podcast is available here, or wherever you prefer to listen: Kris Clink’s Writing Table.